Tuesday, June 30, 2009

berabuk... bersawang...alamak.. ada spiderman pulak dok gayut!

tu dia haih!

tengok tajuk pun hangpa mesti tau aku tak reti nak tulih apa dah

punyalah rindu nak tulih... tapi aku takut... satgi hangpa ramai ramai kerumun belog aku.. satgi telrlepaih h1n1 satgi tak kak leceh...? wakakak

ada banyak menda merapu aku nak tulih.. bulan lepaih anak menakan aku menikah.. kami pi pahang.. pi singgah janda beik.. memang beik sugguh! wakakaka

lepaih tu aku melewaq lagi mingggu lepaih.. cari makan la....

yang paling sedeh tu... kapai terbang penuh.. aku tak sempat nak pi.. huhu..

aku nak pi tengok la macam mana depa kebumi dia...

kesian pulak kat dia.. hidup huru hara.. yang ni memang lilin betoi punya.. terbakaq hanguih...

mikel jakson.... hang memang a legend... mai sikit harta.... hehehe

aku suka gambaq negro.. tak suka gambaq org putih... hmmmm...


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Skim Nak Kaya Ka Nak Kayap Ni?!

Selalu kan kita nanti dapat email macam kat bawah ni.. Konon depa ada duit nakmintak tolong kta bok keluaq duit tu.. lepaih tu kita pun dapat habuan kita..

Masyaallah... Yang aku pelek.. ada jugak hamba Allah yang tertipu dengan menda alah ni... kesian pun kesian jugak.. tapi takkanla tak nampak logik dia.. mai pulak negro dua tiga ekoq yang mengaku loyer dokter...

Memang banyak jenayah macam ni asai dia dari Nigeria.. tapi aku heran macam mana orang Mesia boleh ... boleh hilang kat RM20juta kat depa!!!

Bukan tu ja.. kalau hangpa try juai barang mahai macam videocamera dalam mudah pun depa nanti kata nak beli.. konon depa ada kat London.. tapi soh hantaq pi nigeria kat anak menakan la menantu la... ikut kita la nak nilai yang mana betoi..

Tapi yang heran.. polis tak boleh ka menyamaq macam org biasa.. cuba deal dengan depa ni lepaih tu tangkap depa? Kalau dah sampai tahap 20juta ni? Sapa anak polis sini tolong mai jawab sat

Aku harap takdak dah orang yang nak kena tipu macam ni lein kali...



Hello sir the info.

MADAM Abbas mandoza, family ventures sudan
Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 6:48 PM
Reply-To: cynthaxmenz@centrum.cz
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Asalamualaikum,I am Madam Abbas .C. Mandoza, a Sudanese refugee in Thailand, My late husband was a very big top officer in oil sector under the government of Sudan, he was also in charge of reviving royalties from the Miltie-national oil companies and government on behalf of the oil producing communities in Sudan.He died at the Darfur region of Sudan where they were on a peace keeping mission after being ambushed by Sudanese rebels. He has since being buried in line with religious rites and the family have since moved out from Sudan. My purpose of contacting you is to seek your assistance in Investing a particular fund deposited by my late husband in a [safe&financial keeping company in south east Asia]security. For our investment purpose in Asia. We just need your directions to follow-up However, this correspondence is official, and it should be treated as such. At first i will like to assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free, I decided to contact you after an intensive search and reading you profile am being convinced within me that you’ll not disappoint us considering the important of this transaction to me as a widow and my family. The whole documents relating to the fund are very much intact with me and my children which i left with by my late husband (a son and a daughter). As a matter of fact, this is the future of our family and this is why i am contacting you to help us on behalf of my late husband and family in this our investment plan. We intend investing this sum $5.6M in Asia to enable us move from this uncivilized part of the world(Africa) since it was my late husband's plan, it pains me a lot till this moment that, he did not return from his mission to carry on with his visions for us. Please for the Allah sake we want you to be our eyes in buying a house and help us in our investment plan in your country because we are not civilize and we have no idea about business investment. we don't want to make mistakes. The amount involved is Five million, six hundred thousand U.S. dollars(US$5.6m). Upon the receipt of your respond and both parties understanding, I will forward the whole details including the area of assistance required from you. 15% (negotiable) part of the fund will be given to you at the end as compensation for your assistance. This will be discussed when I hear from you. Thanks for your anticipated assistance. Do not reply to notification email. Respond to my official Email:
cynthaxmenz@centrum.cz Yours Sincerely, Mrs.Abbas C. Mandoza. (For the family).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Awat... Pasai Apa....

talam dua muka....insaflah...

Awat...Pasai Apa...
Manusia Suka Berdengki?

Awat...Pasai Apa...
Manusia Tak Boleh Tengok Orang Lein Hidup Senang?

Awat...Pasai Apa...
Manusia Tak Boleh Kerja Dengan Ikhlaih...

Awat...Pasai Apa...
Manusia Boleh Taboq Pasiaq Kat Periuk Nasik Orang Lein...Cuma Kerana Orang Tu Kerja Sungguh Sungguh Cari Nasik Halai?

Bahagialah Hangpa Yang Buat Naya Kat Sesama Manusia..

Semoga Allah Balaih Apa Yang Patut..

Semoga Perut Hangpa Kenyang Makan Rezeki Tak Berkat.. Rezeki Curi Tulang...




Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saya Bangla Mari La Inchek...Bukan Lakon Punya Orang


best pulak baca paper star tadi..
tergelak jugak dengaq lagak orang kena tangkap basah..
sanggup berbalut dalam kerten rumah pekeja asing...mengaku dia tu pekeja asing.. wakaka

tu la hangpa ni... pada pada la nak buat maksiat pun... sampai orang tak tahan telepon komplen kat jabatan agama islam..

kan ka naya nak kena tukaq bangsa! wakaka
dan yang paling best... hangpa tengokla sendiri nama orang yang buat liputan berita nih!


Actor flees Jais raid on fiancee’s home without his clothes
A TV actor tried to make a quick escape – minus his clothes – when Selangor Religious Department (Jais) officers raided his fiancee’s apartment in Petaling Jaya, reported Harian Metro.
The 20-something actor, who appears in a mystic and horror TV series, managed to climb to the next unit’s balcony on the fifth floor at 3am recently.
Five Jais officers raided the apartment after receiving complaints from neighbours that the actor and his fiancee would meet up frequently at her home.
The woman, also in her 20s and an assistant producer in the TV series, told the officers that she lived alone.
The woman, who was dressed in a sleeveless top and skimpy shorts, allowed officers into her room where they found a pair of men’s trousers and shirt.
Jais Special Force Unit chief Shahrom Maarop said: “Further inspection found signs that a person had exited through the balcony.”
The officers then went next door and found a few male foreigners living in the apartment.
One of the officers spotted a man who had wrapped himself with the curtains near the balcony.
“Officers questioned the actor who tried to pose as one of the foreigners. But the ruse did not work as his accent and skin colour were different from the occupants.
“The actor finally admitted that he had been sleeping at the woman’s home and that they were engaged,” Shahrom said.

sorilah aku tak hapdet lama.. aku pi cari makan.. tempat jeuh.. dah balik pun..

anak anak pun cuti sekolah... takdak kaitan dengan takdak hapdet..hehehe

tapi memang aku bizzi lani.. bizzi bukan pasai bisnes besaq... bizzi pasai aku dok buat kerja merapu banyak..

hangpa kerap kerap la mai jengok aku nah!

tima kasih...